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Bath toys and mould

Lately there has been a lot of discussion about mould build up in bath toys. The reactions of horror we see in response to mouldy bath toys are absolutely fair enough – you do not want toxic mould floating around in the bath with your little ones!

But not all bath toys should be demonised, or thrown out, because of a fear of mould build up. And here’s why…

Why does it occur?

Mould builds up when there is a lack of ventilation, and moisture can’t dry. Mould occurs most commonly in rubber, squeezy bath toys that have tiny holes in them to allow the squeeze and squirt. (Note, this can also occur with rubber teething toys, so we put them in the same bucket as rubber bath toys!)

When they’re squeezed under water, lots of water gets in, but when they’re squeezed out of the water, the hole is too tiny to adequately get all the water out, so some moisture stays inside. Over time, because that moisture doesn’t get enough ventilation to dry naturally, the mould will build up.

Choose no holes, or big holes!

What should you look for when buying bath toys?

If you love rubber bath toys, make sure they’re completely sealed with no tiny holes, so water can’t get in.

Otherwise, look for toys that are well-ventilated, and made from materials that dry easily, such as plastic. Toys like stacking cups or boats are great, but if you can fill them with water, just make sure they have big drainage holes so they air and dry easily.

Keep them dry, and keep them clean

Once your little ones are out of the bath, pop their bath toys into a spot that will get as much air and sunlight as possible to help them dry. And if possible, give them a good clean from time to time, either by handwashing with your dishes, or if possible, put them in the dishwasher!

One of the best things about our toys is that our plastic is dishwasher safe, so the toys can go into the dishwasher for a good clean from time to time.

So there's no need to fear bath toys, it's just a matter of knowing what to look for! 😊