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Meet the Reef Rescue Crew!

The Reef Rescue Crew and the Reef Express are the very first toys for Happy Planet Toys. So, why did we create them?

Our toys are made from recycled milk bottles and are fully recyclable, with the aim of reducing plastic that otherwise ends up in landfill, or worse, in our oceans. We want our first toys to reflect what we’re trying to achieve, and what better way to do that than by creating characters who live in the very oceans we want to protect. We also want our toys to encourage storytelling and creative, open-ended play, which our cute and fun characters help with.  

Meet the crew

Meet the Reef Rescue Crew 

Our Reef Rescue Crew live in and around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. These eco-warriors are keen to spread messages about sustainability and help us understand how we can better protect our environment and oceans.

Dave the Dolphin

Meet Dave the Dolphin – he’s likes to get things done. He’s friendly with a can-do attitude, has lots of energy and uses that energy to inspire others to clean up our oceans.

Barbara the Butterfly Fish

Meet Barbara the Butterfly fish – she’s fabulous and cool with a retro vibe. She loves to find new and interesting ways to use items that would otherwise go into the rubbish bin.

Tilda the Turtle

Meet Tilda the Turtle – she’s gentle, kind and a great helper. She loves to learn and is passionate about telling others about the importance of recycling.

Meet the crew

The Reef Rescue Crew make their way through the oceans in the Reef Express. The Reef Express zooms through the oceans, helping the crew spread their messages of sustainability and the importance of recycling.

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Reef Rescue Crew