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Sustainable gift giving ideas

Looking for ideas for a more sustainable gift to give this Christmas? Here’s a few of our favourites…

For babies

With summer upon us, a reusable swim nappy is an awesome gift. They’re so handy, and avoid multiple disposable swim nappies heading to landfill after just one swim, when a lot of the time they’re not even used!
Our favourite brand is Tyoub, and they also sell sustainable swimwear made from regenerated nylon.

For kids

What about a reusable smoothie cup? Our kids love getting a smoothie or milkshake when we head to the local café. Most cafes don’t use plastic straws anymore, but for kids, they often still come in a disposable plastic cup even when dining in! Help your kids make a sustainable swap by bringing their own cup on café trips – there are some beautiful, high-quality and colourful options out there.

For grown ups

Coffee and tea are big business in Australia, so our top recommendation would be a reusable cup for takeaways coffees and teas. It seems like they’ve been around forever, and everyone seems to have one. So why do you see so many cafes using so many disposable coffee cups every day?
In our opinion, investing in a really good quality cup is so important, and then keep it in your work bag, nappy bag or car, so it’s always available when you need it, and you’re not reverting to disposable coffee cups that can’t be recycled. Our favourites are the Frank Green brand – they’re great quality, insulated, and the best bit? They can be fully sealed, so you won’t spill that precious coffee if you’re juggling other things (or small children!).

Reusable coffee cup

And if you love your coffee pod machine at home, why not invest in reusable coffee pods? We love our Pod Star stainless steel coffee pods – we still have the convenience of using the pod machine at home, but we’re not generating more waste with individual coffee pods for each coffee.

Tips for all gifts:

  • Choose a gift that gives back – check the ethical credentials of the business you’re buying from. Do they give regularly to charities? Or do they work hard to supply their products as ethically and sustainably as possible? All this information should be available on their website.

  • Look for minimal packaging - we’re a bit of a broken record with this one, but try and choose gifts that minimise unnecessary packaging. With only 16% of plastic packaging recovered for future use in Australia, a huge amount of packaging ends up in landfill every year.

  • Wrap carefully – Did you know that Australians use more than 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper at Christmas? That’s enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator almost four times! So it’s worth considering whether you need to wrap every gift? Could you reuse the bag the gift comes in? Or use fabric or reusable wrap? If you’re using disposable gift wrap, make sure it’s not foil-based or glittery, as this can’t be recycled.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!