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What does 2021 have in store for Happy Planet Toys?

Can you believe it’s almost the end of February already? After a huge December, we took a few weeks off in early January, and since then, we’ve been deep in planning mode for the year ahead.

This culminated in our annual strategy day which we held this past week, where we define our goals and objectives for the year.

So what do we have planned?


New products

We are constantly asked by our wonderful customers and stockists when we will have new toys. We absolutely LOVE this question because it’s a testament to the quality and popularity of our current toys.
We have lots of big plans for some seriously cute new eco-friendly toys (with one in design already!), but we do face a couple of unique challenges when creating new toys:

  1. Because our toys are so unique, being made from 100% recycled milk bottles, as well as our commitment to incorporating great functionality and characterisation, each toy takes a lot of time to get right. They have to be very carefully designed, and our manufacturing process takes lots of trial and error to get right for each new toy.

  2. Cost! Anyone who creates products will tell you how expensive it is, but ours are particularly so. The unique properties of our toys, as well as the fact that we are 100% Australian made means that each new toy needs a lot of money behind it. And as a small, family run business, it’s not as easy to find that money as it is for the bigger toy companies. Which is why, every time you support us by purchasing our current toys, we do a happy dance and truly appreciate the support, as it helps us grow our very special toy business.

Taking the above into account, we are planning to launch some new toys this year, as well as some new products that you may not be expecting to see from us. Stay tuned for more!

Giving back

Giving back to organisations doing great things for our environment is such an important priority for us, and something we’re hoping to grow and expand this year. We want our customers to know that when you purchase our toys, you’re not only reducing plastic waste, but you’re helping organisations that are working to regenerate our natural systems – an important part of a circular economy.

 Dolphin Research Institute

Elevating our purpose

We’ve spent a lot of time defining our purpose, and why our company exists. We started Happy Planet Toys because we felt so frustrated about the plastic waste that our family was creating, as well as the environmental impact of toys, and we wanted to do something to make a difference.

Our purpose is to help reduce plastic waste, to use our fun and engaging toys to empower kids to become eco-warriors and simply to show what we all can do when we care. And we can’t wait to talk to you more about this in the months to come.