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What makes our toys different?

Our mission at Happy Planet Toys is to create exciting toys made from 100% recycled Australian plastic, giving families a simple, sustainable alternative to new plastic toys. We’re a very unique toy company, and the first of its kind in Australia, helping to reuse material that could otherwise end up in landfill, closing the recycling loop and contributing to a more sustainable future.

This mission is supported by key objectives that we make sure our eco-friendly toys meet.

Our toys:

  • are made from 100% recycled milk and yoghurt containers.
  • are fully recyclable. That means there are no metal parts, additional bolts or glues used. That includes our packaging too!
  • are fully manufactured in Australia from Australian recycled plastic.
  • have fun functionality and great characterisation to encourage storytelling as a means to engage children in the recycling narrative. 
  • are safe – our plastic is BPA-free, we use food-safe colour, and our toys are safety tested and certified.

So how do we do it?

Here’s a diagram that shows you how we create our toys:

How do we make our toys?

Our toys are made from recycled milk and yoghurt containers, which is why we know our plastic is food safe and BPA-free. And did you know - it takes slightly more than 8 milk containers to make one full set of our toys!

Given how durable our toys are, we envisage them being passed down through families and friends for many years. But when they are finally finished with, because there are no additional parts used, they can go back into the recycling bin to be ‘upcycled’ before many more times before needing to go to landfill. Luckily that will be a long long time away!

You can check out our toys here