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Why are we introducing tableware?

Recycled plastic bowl

As you may have seen, we are very excited to be introducing children's tableware to our range of products, starting with our colourful bowls, made in Australia from 100% recycled milk bottles.

But you may be wondering why a toy company would introduce tableware, so we wanted to share the key reasons why we decided to do this...

  1. You asked us!
    This is definitely the main reason - so many of our wonderful customers and our wholesale stockists said they wanted eco-friendly tableware that was made right here in Australia. So naturally we wanted to oblige!

  2. It helps us keep more plastic waste out of landfill.
    Happy Planet Toys is a business created with a mission to reduce the terrible amount of waste that ends up in Australia's landfill. While our eco-friendly toys are already helping reduce that waste, we wanted to do more. All families need sturdy, dishwasher safe and high-quality tableware for their little ones, so we wanted to provide an alternative that was made from recycled plastic, that would also be recyclable. We are so proud to have created bowls that do all of that.

  3. It helps us fund the development of new toys.
    It's an unfortunate reality of starting a toy company - it's very, very expensive to create new toys made from recycled milk bottles, and takes a lot of time. Creating an additional product like this is (slightly!) less expensive than a toy, and takes a lot less time. And when you support us by purchasing our Australian-made bowls, you're helping us fund the development of new toys.

We are so proud to be expanding our range with products that complement our awesome toys, and help us deliver on our mission to provide simple, sustainable alternatives to those made from new plastic, and we have big plans to expand on this range.

Australian made, eco-friendly bowls