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Why Australian made?

*Updated 27 Feb 2023

Recent research from our friends at The Australian Made Campaign shows that Australians want to buy Australian products.  Their research showed four in five (86%) Australians say buying Australian products is important to them, with key reasons including that they are able to support Australian jobs, and the support of ethical manufacturing practices.

So why did we decide to be 100% Australian made?

Our toys and tableware are designed and manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled Australian milk bottles, sourced from kerbside recycling. When we were in the early stages of starting Happy Planet Toys, we investigated how and where we would source our recycled material, and where we would manufacture our toys. When we were able to source high quality recycled milk bottles from our own, Australian kerbside recycling, we realised it was a ‘no brainer’ that we should also manufacture our toys on our own shores.

 Australian milk bottles

Sustainability is key

We started Happy Planet Toys to create a sustainable, Australian alternative in the toy industry so minimising our carbon footprint is incredibly important to us. By keeping all of our production local, we’re minimising unnecessary air freight and our carbon footprint. Even our packaging is sourced and manufactured in Australia!

Tilda on the river 

There’s also been a lot of attention in recent years about the recycling crisis in Australia, with recyclable materials ending up in landfill because we just create too much waste to be recycled. This is another reason why we created our toys – we’re minimising the plastic that ends up in Australian landfill, and creating a solution for our local recycling crisis. Plus, we have the added bonus of showing kids the value of recycling correctly, and how it can be used to create something pretty cool.

Tilda on a recycling bin 

Supporting local

There is so much talent in Australia – we are privileged to have worked with some of the most talented, creative and innovative designers and engineers to create our toys and packaging. We want to support this talent, and support the creation of jobs in this country. Especially at the moment with so much uncertainty for so many people, doing everything we can to invest in our local economy is critical.

In a nutshell, we want to do everything we can to protect and invest in the future of our wonderful country, that gives us beaches just like this stunner…

Toys on Hyams beach