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Tackling toddler bath time

As a mum of three, I’ve done the bath time routine a LOT. It’s that tricky time of night – everyone is tired and ready for bed (parents included!), and the bath routine can feel really overwhelming and a whole lot of hard work.

But… little people and water are a great combination, and bath time can be absolute magic for relaxing cranky toddlers, and calming everyone in time for a smoother bedtime. Here’s a couple of my top tips for a smoother bath routine.

Bath time 

Bath products

We always have three products on hand – bubble bath, shampoo and a detangling spray. Try and choose brands that only use naturally-derived ingredients - one of our favourites is the range from OCNaturals.


Clearly bath toys are something we know a lot about. For toddlers, there are so many great options out there, including our sustainable toys. We also love bath crayons, and any type of tipping and pouring device (like an old saucepan!). Toddlers particularly love shower-head cups (like the one that comes with our Octo-buoy) – our little Finn just loves watching the water run through the holes.

shower-head cup

If you’re shopping for bath toys, take a look at our blog about bath toys and mould, for some tips for what to look for and what to avoid.

Regression happens

Has your toddler decided they hate the bath all-of-a-sudden? This is so normal, but usually only lasts a short period of time.

Finn went through this recently, and flatly refused to sit down in the bath – he’d only stand. We let him stand until he was ready to sit again, and just washed him with a wash cloth or poured water over his head. We also find introducing a new toy or a sibling or parent jumping in with them can make a big difference to toddlers’ happiness for getting in the bath. And worst case – try switching to the shower, or even the laundry/kitchen sink, before trying again.

Standing in the bath

Preparation is key…

Before you run the bath – line some towels or extra bath mats up alongside the bath edge. It’s highly likely that water will go flying, and by landing on an absorbent towel, it won’t run across the bathroom floor making it harder to clean up.

Have a hooded towel ready to go for when your little one is done, as well as a toy to entice them out and keep them entertained while you’re getting them dressed.

Don’t forget about safety…

It goes without saying, but never, ever leave your toddler alone around water (even while the bath is running before they’ve climbed in).

And don’t forget to always turn the hot tap off first and let some cold water run. Just in case, like Finn, your little one loves to turn the tap on by themselves, as you don’t want them to burn themselves.

We hope you find these tips helpful. And tips for a smoother baby bath time are coming soon.